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peopleLife is an endless exploration and learning. An Arabic proverb says: "Walk fast alone, travel far together"; Confucius said: "Three people walk together, there must be my teacher." Be your companion and be the torch that illuminates your future. As long as you are ready, we will set off on the route to the summit of wisdom at any time!


I. International Systematization Course

Understand the rules and dynamics behind all life phenomena,
Learn the secrets to success and happiness.

What is a systematic arrangement?

Systematic arrangement was developed by German psychologist Bert Heininger and can be used in family, organizational and other complementary treatments. It is to explore the root causes and solutions of all problems through phenomenological methods. Heininger found that many people's psychosomatic problems are actually caused by the "momentum" of the system they belong to. Revealing the cause of "momentum" can often find a way to resolve it.

How are the systematic arrangements of Dao stones different?

Daoshi introduced systematic arrangement in 1996. So far, it has accumulated nearly 10,000 cases of observations and insights from Chinese people around the world. It has crystallized the system view that is most suitable for Asian families and enterprises, and combined with the ancient oriental wisdom - "Tao" to help students in After dissolving your own troubles, you can open the door to the mystery of life in the universe more deeply.


II.Trauma Healing Course

Repair frozen damaged physical and mental systems, restart the ability to "receive, create, perceive" love and joy.

What is trauma and how does it affect people?

Various overloaded stressors from childhood, accidents and unnoticed, stay in the nervous system to form trauma, which weakens the human nervous response system, causes a series of health, development, endocrine and hormone problems, and also increases the risk of disease Risks, causing all aspects of life such as distraction, behavioral disturbances, emotional out-of-control..., which in turn affect family, society and intimate relationships. Many people's unhappiness in life does not come from fate, but from the destruction of traumatic reactions. Unfortunately, it is difficult for ordinary people to perceive it. Therefore, learning how to identify and release trauma is one of the required credits for a happy life!

What is trauma healing doing?

Trauma healing helps students to observe their own hidden issues through emotional and behavioral reactions, learn the steps and techniques to release traumatic stressors, restore the body and mind to the original factory settings, and gain the right to re-select their lives and futures


III. professional training courses

To learn deeply from the wisdom of the individual to the All,
Become an all-round life traveler and helper.

When is the right time to take a training course?

After you have participated in general workshops and themed courses, you have achieved good results in both learning and application. If you are interested in going deeper, joining the ranks of sharing with others, and becoming a professional helper, please sign up for professional training courses. !

How is Daoshi's professional training different?

Daoshi is a rigorous and practical educational institution. We focus on improving the professionalism and accuracy of each student. Therefore, according to the different needs of the courses, we will prepare pre-class assessments, after-class exercises, case operations or report writing, Regular gatherings... and other extra assistance and support will ensure that you get substantial and rich gains in your valuable learning, and maximize your time and money! Training road selection stone, professional and most value-for-money!


IV . Growth Courses

Complete all aspects of family, parent-child, gender, money and career, and transform life from the root of life.

Why do you need to spend time learning to "grow"?

Growth is the way of existence that complies with the existence of everything in the universe. Every person, every cell, is growing every minute and every second. This is the natural state of the universe. There is nothing that is not pushed by this driving force, no matter where you are , No matter how old you are, the world is always moving, and events continue to happen. If you don't understand the correct way to deal with it, there will be no long-term peace and fulfillment. Spending time to understand life, understand the laws of the universe, and learn the way of growth is everyone's lifelong homework. The sooner you can understand this truth and learn the way of growth, you will be able to create long-lasting happiness in this life and learn the wisdom of freedom!

How is Daoshi's growth course different?

Daoshi emphasizes the unity of the inside and the outside, not only working on the level of knowledge, but also working on the level of energy. It uses a two-pronged approach to overturn old habits, and imparts correct system rules to help students regain the dominance of a happy life.


V. Meditative Contemplation Course

Harmoniously resonating with the universe, wandering in time and space transcendentally,
Connect with the wisdom of the universe and open up the possibility of life.

about meditation

To meditate is to let oneself get rid of the never-ending thoughts, return to one's quiet center, return to the source, return to love! Meditation can only happen in the present moment. Practicing meditation is to practice returning to the present moment. If a person can stay in the present moment, he will be able to have vision and actions that are not kidnapped by the past and the future, and open up the inspiration of supreme wisdom Connection and awareness, whether you want to master life or transcend life, meditation is an indispensable learning.

Is it possible to try without any foundation of meditation?

sure! Meditation is not exclusive to religious people, and you don't need to sit cross-legged without distracting thoughts. As long as you can stand, do and move, you can enjoy the benefits of meditation with everyone in Daoshi. Daoshi has a public welfare activity every month Meditation activity! You are welcome to sign up for the experience now!


VI . One-to-one & group case consultation

According to different needs, tailor-made appropriate assistance programs, whether it is individual one-on-one
/ Or organizations / enterprises can serve you.

What are the benefits of case consultation?

For situations of urgency/privacy/speciality/time and circumstances that do not allow access to the course, Case consultation is a very good choice. Case work directly focuses on the core issues that the client is most concerned about and can effectively assist the client to relieve the heaviest part first, so as to free up enough physical and mental space.

Let the follow-up internal work start smoothly!

Should I choose Cases or Courses?

Cases and courses are assistance methods belonging to different categories: cases help the client deal with current issues of concern, which are single and targeted; courses extend a wide range of topics, cover a wider range of levels, and learn more content. But it is not personal, if you don't know how to choose, please contact our service staff,

The customer service will give you suggestions in the way that suits you!

To grow is to move from "Unconscious" to "Awakeness".


Growth is from "ignorance" to "brightness"

                          —— 節錄「第The third online diamond growth class"

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