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Marianne Franke-Gricksch

  • Marianne Franke-Gricksch – A distinguished speaker at the Hellinger International Conference in Germany, and author of the book “When We Are Together”

  • Born in Munich, Germany in 1942, she is the mother of two children.After a career in teaching that spanned 25 years, she started receiving training and practical experience in psychotherapy and family constellation. During the learning process, Marianne was deeply influenced by the Hellinger Systemic Constellation and reflected on how to pass on systemic concepts to the younger generation. Currently, Marianne has her own private clinic that offers psychotherapy and family therapy. In addition, she is currently one of the renowned instructors leading family constellation, and offers group and individual consultations. Her work is particularly focused on the supervision of school teachers and therapists, as well as leading groups with a systemic orientation, for young people around the age of 16 to 22 years old.


  • Marianne is one of the best teachers in the field of parent-child system arrangement today!

  • Marianne, a well-known parent-child family system arranger in Germany

  • Mr. Hellinger once wrote: "Two years ago, Marianne Frank sent me several reports about her experience in dealing with difficult students in school. I was deeply moved by her love and the simplicity and effectiveness of this kind of help. At that time, I told her: "You must write these experiences into a book!"


  •   Mr. Zhou Dingwen, the first family system arrangement teacher in the Chinese world, recommended: "Marian is one of the international system arrangement instructors I respect most. Through her, I learned how to use system arrangement in parent-child education I deeply admire children's education, especially through games, which teach children to increase their interest in learning, stabilize their emotions, and learn to respect their parents. I strongly recommend parents and teachers who want their children to be better! A must-attend class !”


  •   Mary Ann's work "When We Are Together" is known as a must-read systematic psychology for parents, teachers, and children.

Marianne Franke-Gricksch. Savi ir perimti jausmai gyvenime ir konsteliacijos procese
Marianne Franke no PORTO, PORTUGAL (2020)
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