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▍▏Systematic arrangement of applicable topics

      Desire in the depths of human nature:

Themes of love, sex, family, parenting, affection, relationships, belonging, trust

      explores profound life stories:

Themes of suicide, conflict, disease, death, separation, struggle, success

      Improve professional quality and vision:

Helping, healing, psychology, interpersonal, social work, business management and other themes

      Leading the overall growth of body, mind and soul:

Awareness, meditation, religion, spirituality, philosophy, wisdom, fulfillment, etc.

​ pre-prepared

[Please understand your own family story first]  before proceeding with a case

Who is part of our family system? Whether they are alive or not, the following people belong to our family system:

  1. Has anyone in the family died prematurely, prematurely?

  2. Did any of your parents die when you were young?

  3. Were any family members given away, or illegitimate children, or adopted?

  4. Whether the parents are in each other's first relationship (referring to whether there was a previous marriage, engagement, close lover)

  5. miscarriage, abortion

  6. Family secrets (such as exclusion of members, unequal distribution of estates, etc.)

  7. Criminal events (such as killing, being killed, hurting behavior, etc.)

  8. Whether there are major diseases, mobility disorders, or addictive habits (such as drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, etc.) in the family

  9. madness, suicide, violence

  10. migrant


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