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Wu Pei Xuan (Iris)

  • Ms. Wu is a practicing social worker and senior social work supervisor who has been engaged in youth and family counseling work for nearly 30 years. Having counseled numerous youths and families, Ms Wu. is currently dedicated to utilizing family systemic constellations to guide individuals to shift from a state of struggle and confusion to a structured, mature and mindful life.


  • The course covers a diverse range of life-related topics, including interpersonal relationships, intimate connections, parenting, career development, and mental and physical well-being. It aims to provide valuable support to individuals seeking a happier and more fulfilling life journey. With Ms. Wu’s guidance, the course emanates a distinct aura of warmth, flexibility and passion, which always leaves a profound impact on students' lives, bringing on both tears and laughter.

  • Academic Qualification: Master’s in Social Work, National Taipei University

  • Professional Certifications and Licenses:

  1. Social Worker License, Taiwan

  2. Advanced Systemic Constellation Practitioner Certification from the International Systemic Constellation Academy

  3. Certified Hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), USA

  4. Childhood Attachment Trauma Healing Certification


  • Professional Experience

  1. 13 years of experience at Taipei City Youth Counseling Committee

  2. External Case Consultant and Group Instructor at Sindian Drug Abuser Treatment Center

  3. External Family Systemic Constellation Facilitator at Taipei Student Counseling Center

  4. Case Counselor for Chunhui Anti-substance Abuse Project at the Education Department, New Taipei City Government

  5. External Supervisor at the Children and Family Research Center, National Taiwan University

  6. Supervisor at Taiwan Care Management Association (Children and Youth, Anti-Drug Division)

  7. Adjunct Lecturer at St. John’s University

  8. Adjunct Lecturer at National Open University

  9. Case Consultant and Group Facilitator at the District Court

  10. External Supervisor at New Taipei City Halfway School (Education for minors impacted by sexual exploitation)

  11. Guest Lecturer at TAOS International Systematic Constellation Academy

  12. Secretary-General at Chinese Systemic Constellations Society

  13. External Supervisor at Taoyuan Family Service Center (Orphanage)

  14. Systemic Constellation Workshop Facilitator for Shanxi Women's Drug Rehabilitation Center

  15. Lecturer for Chengdu Social Workers Association

  16. Systemic Constellation Workshop Facilitator for TAOS Academy (Hong Kong)

【生命花開】從系統排列 看財富深層關係(中)- 不當得利的金錢關係
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