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【Preparation before class】~

Q: What do I need to prepare before class?
A: You need to prepare a quiet room with stable internet speed, computer, earphone and webcam (lens), toilet paper, etc., and join our course group at the same time, and complete the pre-class preparation according to the guidelines we published. From time to time you may need to prepare paper and pencils for use in class exercises.


Q: Why do I need to join the group before class?
A: The purpose of the group is to publish pre-class preparations and class notices in a timely manner, and it will also serve as a forum for students to communicate. Some homework or materials that must be prepared before the next class, class links, etc., will be placed in the group to notify send. If you do not participate, you will only receive the [Course Commencement Notice] sent by email, and other materials will not be sent to you separately, please understand


Q: How will I be added to the group?
A: We will send the joining link of the LINE group by email. Please pay attention to the email address you left when you signed up two weeks before the class starts. If you have not received it, please call 02-25783442, or join LINE@official account (@taos) to inquire.

Q: Why do I need to submit a class consent form before class?
A: Because there will be discussion of classmates' issues in the course, we pay great attention to and protect the privacy of each participant, so each participant is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Those who do not submit will not be able to enter the course.

Q: I have never taken any courses related to trauma healing, is the course suitable for me?
A: Ms. Huang's workshops (except the birth workshop, which must be attended at least once) are suitable for all general public who have not studied trauma healing. Don't worry if you haven't taken a trauma-related class.

【About Online Class】~


Q: Can I use my mobile phone for class?
A: For your best learning quality, it is recommended that you use a laptop, computer or tablet with a large screen. If you don't have the aforementioned devices, you can use your smartphone to go online, but please understand that your class experience may be compromised due to the small screen or the inability to see all the students at once. So please use the appropriate device to go online as much as possible.

Q: Can I just listen to the class without turning on the camera?
A: In order to protect the learning rights of every student and maintain the best teaching quality, we require you to turn on the camera during the two-day workshop. If you need to leave your seat temporarily, please keep the camera on. If there is no camera for 10 minutes, and there is no response after contacting, we will temporarily remove you from the classroom, and welcome you to enter the class after you adjust.


Q: Can I watch the video replay if I miss class?
A: In order to encourage students to fully participate in the class and achieve the best learning effect, this course does not provide video playback, and missed classes will not be made up.

Q: Will the course provide videos and audio files?
A: This course does not provide video and audio files, please attend the whole course to participate in the course.


Q: Can I invite my friends and family members to attend classes together?
A: The course does not provide non-paid auditors, please concentrate on the class alone in a quiet space. If the staff finds that there are other people watching you, we will remove you from the classroom for adjustment.


Q: If my friends and family also sign up, can we use the same computer to listen to the class?

A: There will be group exercises and discussions in the course, so each student must use their own device to go online independently.

Q: What if I don't know much about computers?

A: During the pre-class preparation period, the college assistant will guide the installation, testing, etc. in the learning group. There are not many difficult operations in the class, and there are 80-year-old grandmas among our students who can understand how to go online, so please don’t worry too much. Worry

Q: Can I take classes outdoors, in a company office, or even in a car?

A: There are many exercises in the course to help you clean up deeply. You need to be alone and quiet, where you can move freely and talk without being disturbed.

【About the course】~

Q: Will the teacher's PPT textbooks be provided to us in the course?
A: In order to maintain and respect intellectual property rights, unless the teacher agrees to provide a part for reference, we will publish it in the course group, otherwise the content of the teaching material is owned by the teacher. Please consciously refrain from taking screenshots, reposting, reposting and misappropriating.
Q: Will there be teaching assistants in the course?
A: The online courses are the same as the physical courses, which can help the church patrol practice and help you have better learning.

【About course exercises】~

Q: What if there are some exercises with partners (2 or 3 people) in the course, but I don't want to participate?

A: In order to learn quality, we encourage you to seize the opportunity to participate bravely, but we respect your current wishes and needs. If you would like to skip group exercises for now, please let us know in the chat room during the course. If it is a personal practice, there is no need to inform.

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