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Founded by Mr Ting Wen, Chou, TAOS Academy is an applied psychology education and training institution that aims to establish an “international university” for the growth of body, mind, and spirit, that integrates modern psychology, systemic constellation, and the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Since its establishment, TAOS Academy has been adhering to the mission of "serving life" and providing the most professional growth programs and services in family education, life education, entrepreneurial courses, social elite education, psychological counseling, and systemic constellation.


TAOS Academy was formerly known as "Hellinger Institute Taiwan" and the "International Systemic Constellation Academy." TAOS Academy’s systemic constellation courses are recognized by the German Systemic Constellation Association. Over the past 20 years, TAOS Academy has groomed many professional and knowledgeable systemic constellation facilitators in the Asian region including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore etc. TAOS Academy is renowned in the Chinese-speaking world for providing high-quality Systemic Constellation services.


TAOS Academy offers systemic constellation workshops, growth classes, professional training courses conducted by local and international facilitators, both online and in-person. In addition, TAOS Academy also offers a diverse range of courses in different fields such as trauma healing, attracting participants from various Chinese-speaking communities around the world. The academy aims to promote individual growth, family happiness and harmony, as well as the well-being of humanity, with the goal of creating a peaceful, healthy, and joyful life for the next generation.

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To establish a “university” for physical, mental and spirit growth, to become a new paradigm for global learning platforms, and to help more people to achieve lifelong learning and create fulfilling lives.


Use innovative technology to provide online and offline courses and services to promote the positive growth of families, businesses and even society.

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Core Values

Mindfulness and Awareness, Customer-Oriented, Eternal Gratitude


To help everyone create a happy life where dreams come true, create a learning environment that fosters a sense of belonging and provide service solutions for learning organizations/households through our commitment of lifelong learning. We aim to provide the highest quality services while respecting and protecting our customers.

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