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▍▏A course to reshape the blueprint of your life

Course Benefits


if you are~

  1. People who desire to turn their lives around

  2. A person whose fate/pattern repeats over generations

  3. those who pursue wisdom

  4. people who desire happiness and success

  5. Those who are unwilling to let their fate be controlled by others

This is a course that can realize your dreams!!!!
In this course ~ you will be able to get ~

  1. Rewrite the script of life and create a new life

  2. Jumping out of the predicament to solve the immediate problems of life

  3. Get rid of the heavy emotions and pressure brought about by the entanglement of fate

  4. Remove the negative seeds planted by the unconscious leading to failure in life

  5. The way to fully achieve your life's dream goals

​Diamond Life

"Diamond Growth Class"The Daoshi education lecturer team has supported the growth of thousands of families over the years, and has accumulated a new set of growth plans - "The Way of University". Taught by Mr. Zhou Dingwen, an international top tutor, following the wisdom of ancient sages and sages: self-cultivation, family harmony, corporate governance, and benefit to the world, it leads us to start from the exploration of the "money business" model, and to gain insight into and improve many other relationships in our lives, such as : Physical and mental health, parent/family relationship, parent-child relationship, gender relationship, etc., so as to find our life vision and have a diamond-like life!


course description

This course provides you with six golden keys to a successful life,
Ascending the quality of life,   practicing diamond life.

  • Awareness of emotions and patterns

  • transform negative energy

  • Improve the quality of life

  • Create energy and vision

  • Serving others and society

  • beyond the wheel of fate

Course Content: Four Ways of Life


The way to harmony of body and mind - self-cultivation
through awareness of emotional patterns,Identify the five basic emotions and manage them, comprehend the relationship between diseases, emotions, and interpersonal patterns, listen to the messages conveyed by physical symptoms, read micro-knowledge to explore the system view and holistic view, and practice self-cultivation comprehensively to achieve harmony.

The way of relationship-Qijia
Highlights We'll Explore: Saying Goodbye to Childhood Pains,Unlock frozen energy; listen to children's behavior and emotional reactions; how to honor parents,Love's Action Plan; Transforming Primal Triangles,Let love sublimate. "Improvement" is the focus of work at this stage.

The Way of Management - Governance
We will discuss one by one: the exploration of enterprise power, the core transformation ability of enterprises, and the way of comprehending the unity of things and me. Being able to understand the correlation among these will provide the most critical action force for the enterprise, and "transformation" is the work point of this stage.

The way to success-Hui Tianxia
At this stage, we will awaken individual talents and traits, discover the vision and mission of life, set an action plan for life vision, and jointly deliver positive energy and practice the vitality of life. "Practice" is the work point of this stage.

course features

✔ Practice 120 days

✔ 12 days of online teaching

✔ Cloud Transnational Courses

✔ remote system arrangement

✔ Seniors support growth

✔ Co-education after class

✔ Multiple online interactions

Suitable for

This is a knowledge that has a profound impact on life, but is not included in social education. As long as you are over 16 years old and have no obstacles in reading, listening, or speaking, Daoshi encourages you to learn!

  • People who want to improve their family relationship, interpersonal relationship, career money relationship

  • Those who are eager to grow and practice, and are willing to explore the mysteries of life

  • Entrepreneurs, managers, human resources, business consultants

  • Psychologists, consultants, physicians, teachers, social workers

Online teaching is everywhere
Online Class
  • There are many interactive links in this course design, students are not just going online and listening to lectures

  • Online you can get in-depth transformation and cleaning through multiple exercises, inner guidance, case arrangement, etc.

  • Personal independent and quiet class space, supplemented by group exercises and discussions, and instant online sharing among students, will bring you an in-depth experience that is completely different from offline workshops

Diamond Growth Class​Course information
線上鑽石成長班第 7 期

線上鑽石成長班第 7 期


Start date:




Start date:

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