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​ CEO's message

In 2009, by fate, I started the work of Mind-Body Balance Education in Mainland China. After several rounds of promotion and collaboration, I officially joined the TAOS International Systematic Arrangement Academy (predecessor of TAOS Academy) in 2011. Together with TAOS Academy, I promoted systematic constellation across the country, leaving footprints in various places from Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong to Inner Mongolia, as well as from Taiwan, Hong Kong to Singapore and Malaysia, and even as far as Africa. We have successfully promoted Systematic Constellation to various professional fields, and have contributed to hundreds of public welfare activities.


TAOS Academy has been promoting the use of systemic constellation globally across regions such as Europe, America, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia etc., which has helped individuals in personal growth, strengthening family ties, business operations, as well as, helping people resolve bottlenecks to attain happiness and success in life. All of this is possible by following the correct systemic view, where individuals only need to stay in their correct positions and operate according to the correct principles through having a full understanding of the whole system.

Therefore, we continue to operate according to TAOS Academy's "Three Major Advantages" and "Three Major Commitments":

  • Three Major Advantages: 1. Scientific Theoretical Foundation, 2. Formalized Mindset Training, 3. Precision Targeting of Asian Chinese Case Studies.

  • Three Major Commitments: 1. Formalization of Systematic Constellation, 2. Professionalization of Systematic Constellation, 3. Systematization of Systematic Constellation.

The three major advantages of TAOS Academy are:

1. Scientific Theoretical Foundation

2. Formalized Mindset Training

3. Precision Targeting of Asian Chinese Cases.


Systemic Constellation is a highly delicate work that involves many perceptual aspects. Without proper understanding and a solid theoretical foundation, it can easily lead to vagueness and even touch on the supernatural. Presently, there are varying quality levels in how Systemic Constellation is being taught and promoted. In the process of addressing systemic issues, there are times where the cases are being mixed up with folklore and myths, losing the original scientific, neutral, and objective nature of System Constellation.

Through over a decade of experience in practical training and counseling,TAOS Academy has found that the mentality of constellation facilitators has a profound impact when exploring systemic dynamics. Each trainee has their own life pattern. Without proper awareness education and training, it’s easy for the facilitators to apply their own patterns into the cases, causing bias and misjudgments. This ultimately results in giving less than ideal assistance to the cases, and even reinforcing the issue. Therefore, TAOS Academy is committed to adhering to the scientific basis of System Constellation and making sure that facilitators undergo formal training on having a proper mindset with fair judgment. This ensures the facilitators to be well-rounded and professional in their practice, and serve as positive and reliable help to the society.


TAOS Academy’s rich experience in the Asian Chinese Society for over a decade has accumulated a considerable amount of cases and discussions. Therefore, TAOS Academy is able to provide better quality assistance in the Chinese society, with extremely thorough and precise analyses of the subconscious of the Chinese cultural background and family system.

The Three Commitments of TAOS Academy

Systematic Constellation Standardization

Systematic Constellation is a form of psychological counseling and therapy. It explores the root of the problem and the solutions through phenomenology. The practitioner and the client should understand that systematic arrangement, with sufficient theoretical and structural support, is considered an objectively reproducible operation that is safe and credible, rather than an extension of folk beliefs or a therapeutic method based on hypnotic suggestion.


Professionalization of Systemic Constellation

Professionalization of Systemic Constellation involves providing comprehensive education and training on the important theories, research, and theoretical foundations of systemic constellation. This is also achieved through ways of participating in practical cases to gain experience and develop sensitivity in constellation work, thereby knowing when to let go of control and maintain a neutral and respectful stance in the process.


Systematic Approach to Systemic Constellations

The knowledge and practice of systemic constellations is vast. Through a systematic approach, it can help individuals to effectively absorb and comprehend the core elements and key points of the practice, as well as cultivate the ability to make connections across different situations, enabling them to clarify the key elements of even the most complex cases.


Looking ahead to the future, I would like to say to all my friends: let us embrace a systemic perspective together, heal and train ourselves to be truthful in the present moment, and see the truth as it is. Let us practice the correct wisdom step by step and view life from a transcendent perspective. In this way, whether we create or transform, we can naturally blossom and flourish in our journey. Ultimately, all we need to do is to enjoy, let yourself fully surrender and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, and allow the vastness of our universe to live through us in the deepest surrender.

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