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The Power and Importance of Meditation

Living in an ever-changing world, our bodies, minds and minds are also constantly turning.

Among all the organs of the body, the brain is the most precious resource of the human body, and it is also the most worthy of our protection.

Through it, we are experiencing every moment of our life.

However, there are many diseases of civilization nowadays, which often have a lot to do with the inability to rest the body, mind and brain. Especially in the era of the information explosion, the brain is overloaded, and the accompanying negative states such as stress, anxiety, confusion, etc. are virtually transformed into Toxins in the body harm our body bit by bit.

  Therefore, it is very important to take care of your body at the right time and to meditate!

Couple Meditating on the Beach

What benefits can an upgraded brain bring?

Benefits 1.Reduce the pressure

Benefit 2.Improve anxiety symptoms

Benefit 3.enhance self-awareness

Benefit 4.improve concentration

Benefit 5.enhance memory

Benefit 6.Improve executive ability

Benefit 7.Improve the ability of the human immune system

Let us continue to be together

Walk hand in hand on the path of meditation

Follow the footsteps of "Night of Meditation", and you will be able to continue and firmly walk on the road of meditation!

The whole meditation night event is free, let us meditate together

Daoshi Educational Meditation free lectures range from breathing meditation, candlelight meditation, to dynamic meditation.

Dynamic meditation can let us~

1. Inner cleanse and reduce stress

Dynamic meditation can release more negative emotions in the vibration, and express joy and happiness to the fullest under the guidance of the teacher. Meditation has been clinically proven to reduce physical and emotional stress, which is so prevalent in today's fast-paced society. If you are looking for a great way to "unwind" and feel more calm and relaxed in your daily life, then Dynamic Meditation is for you.

2. Adjust and improve physical fitness

Dynamic meditation can bring more oxygen to the body, promote blood circulation, make breathing deeper and longer, and at the same time activate our internal organs. When the physique is adjusted to the best state, our external skin and body will also improve .


3. Burn Calories

Because dynamic meditation needs to vibrate or shake with the rhythm, it can burn calories and reduce fat. If you often stay at home to prevent epidemics, you may wish to follow the movement to burn fat and lose weight together.

4. Boosts the immune system

Another obvious benefit of meditation is that it can strengthen the immune system, especially in this severe epidemic situation, strengthening the immune system is urgent. Arrange dynamic meditation for yourself, strengthen your immune system and love yourself more.

5. Good for Cardiovascular Health

Regular meditation has been shown to benefit cardiovascular health, so regardless of your personal health status, meditation can be a good choice for you to promote your health.

6. Improve focus

Last but not least, meditation can provide greater focus and more energy—benefits that can come in handy in almost every area of your life!

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