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The Five Laws of Relationships (3)

3. The Law of Balance

The relationship between giving and receiving must be balanced.

Balance is one of the most important principles of nature, which has always maintained a delicate balance. Human interaction is also inherently driven by a need for balance, and the balance between giving and receiving is crucial for the success of a relationship. However, achieving this balance is an art that needs to be learned. For example, how should balance be maintained between partners? When a person treats us well, we have to give a little more in return. Similarly, we have to learn how to give back to a person who treats us negatively, by giving a little less in return, i.e. giving back "with a little bit of love". Therefore, the Law of Balance is not about superficially smoothing things over but is a foundation for more authentic interactions.

How should balance be maintained between parents and children? Parent-child relationships can never be balanced because parents give us the most precious gift of life, and we can never give birth to our parents. This inherent imbalance can be addressed by passing life on to our own children and doing our best to be filial to our parents. This creates a flow of life that maintains balance.

Moreover, balance is essential when it comes to money and responsibility. Any ill-gotten gains or deceitful actions will eventually bring consequences to one’s family, body, mind, or career. This aligns with the Buddhist concept of karma: "All phenomena are empty, but cause and effect are not." Therefore, the Law of Balance in relationships is not only an instinct but also the foundation of life’s interactions. This law applies not only to family and interpersonal relationships but also to work, companies, nations, societies, and even nature. It is the unyielding principle that governs all relationships between heaven, humanity, nature, and the self.

Extracted from “Love and Reconciliation” by Chou Ting Wen

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