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Filial Piety

To cherish one's body and skin, received from one's parents, and to refrain from harming them—this marks the beginning of filial piety. To establish oneself and walk the righteous path, leaving a lasting reputation for future generations, to showcase one's parents—this also marks the beginning of filial piety. In the October Happiness Coach program, the theme of "filial piety" has stayed with me. It's not just a program topic but a guiding principle in my life. Systemic constellation has shown me that when I establish my position, my family dynamics naturally align. Despite so, my mind tends to create distracting narratives, pulling me in circles and into its pitfalls. This month, Teacher Chou Ting Wen incorporated the themes of "body," "mind," and "spirit" into the coursework, providing the opportunity for students to practice and share about life issues. Through the exploration of “spirit”, I once again saw my position in the family, and the actions I truly need to take. As the saying goes, “Cultivate one’s moral self, regulate the family, govern the nation, bring peace to the world”. Reflecting on my life experiences, I've been continuously learning to cultivate myself. As for governance and bringing peace to the world, they are also part of my current scope of work. However, when Teacher Chou formed the constellation for me based on the “spirit” topic, I realized that “regulating the family” has always been an element that I neglected. Is it because of the fear of failure or some connection with my grandmother...…? In the constellation, Teacher Chou Ting Wen repeatedly reminded and encouraged me that it would be a significant relief and blessing for my family if I were to start a family.

As the saying goes, “When a person achieves the Tao (path; spiritual enlightenment), even the chickens and dogs will ascend to heaven". This phrase suggests that the power of a person's moral or spiritual attainment can positively impact their surroundings, including animals. This is a commonly known concept. 

I conveyed my appreciation to Teacher Chou for his clear guidance and my peers for their  enthusiastic involvement in this constellation session. With their encouragement, Teacher Chou wanted me to say the word, "finally". This word may seem like a simple action and expression to others, but for me, it represents a challenging and difficult journey, akin to walking a thousand miles.  I am a very obedient student. When I got home, I talked to my mom about the class, and she just smiled without saying anything. I don't know how the future will unfold, but the image from the constellation exercise has stayed in my heart. I've been observing my own behavior, wondering if I've become more womanly. I believe I have taken a step forward, and I hope that I can “finally” excel in the task of "regulating the family/family harmony." Only then can I truly fulfill filial piety.

Happiness Coach Participant, Zilin

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