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7 Key Things to Know Before Participating in Systemic Constellation

(1) Only engage in systemic constellation when you have made serious efforts to resolve your issue and it continues to bother you, or if the problem is urgent and demands intervention.

(2) Attitude matters greatly: Don't expect the facilitator or anyone else to solve your problem for you. Instead, be willing to grow, change, and take responsibility for yourself. Instead of constantly complaining, be open to professional guidance to help you reconsider your issues and find solutions.

(3) During the constellation process, be fully present and open, setting aside your preconceived notions and plans about how the constellation should unfold. Such interference can disrupt the representatives' ability to perceive important information. Allow yourself to accept all emerging situations, even if they are unexpected.

(4) If the facilitator asks you to position each representative, follow your intuition. Take the representatives' hands or place your hands on their shoulders to arrange the relational positions of these individuals as you perceive them in your mind.

(5) After the constellation concludes, imprint the entire process in your mind, allowing it to settle deeply within you. Feel it from your heart rather than getting caught up in questioning it with your mind. It's best to digest it quietly alone, and not let others disturb you, even if they mean well. Avoid asking representatives about their experiences; all the necessary information has been presented in the constellation, and too much information isn't necessarily beneficial.

(6) After returning home, don't rush to take action. When you decide what to do, follow the inner strength that arises within you, and you will naturally act. Those around you will also perceive this as natural.

(7) If the facilitator offers some suggestions, implement them in a way that suits you, and do so with genuine sincerity. Avoid merely going through the motions, as the greatest benefits come from your own sincere efforts.

Extracted from “Systemic, Family Constellation: Core Principles and Training Practices”

by Chou Ting Wen

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