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  • Course Name: Towards an Abundant Life Systematic Arrangement Taipei Workshop

  • Course Instructor: Teacher Zhou Dingwen

  • Course date: 2023/05/06 (Sat) - 05/07 (Sun)   09:30 - 17:30 (Registration at 09:00)

  • Course Venue: New Taipei City Hotel Conference Hall (near the MRT station)

  • Course Fee:

  1. Price: NT$16,800/person

  2. ​3/29 Lecture Exclusive Limited-time Discount: NT$9,800/person Immediately, the early bird discount price will be resumed after 4/7)

  3. Early bird discounted price: NT$12,000 per person, there are also discounted prices for two or three people, welcome to inquire. (*Intimate reminder: the early bird discount price ends on 4/7, and the original price will be restored after that!)

I. International Systematization Course

Understand the rules and dynamics behind all life phenomena,
Learn the secrets to success and happiness.

Understand the rules and dynamics behind all life phenomena,
Learn the secrets to success and happiness.


From an objective point of view, everyone’s life foundation is different, and what they lack, desire and pursue is also different. Some friends are successful in their careers but their relationship is empty; Inner joy and self-worth, for what they desire, many people still have a gap in their hearts. Even if one aspect is overflowing, it cannot fill the loss caused by the lack of the other end. To get out of this predicament, in addition to self-cultivation, supervision Is there a more constructive choice to face, go beyond, and even have the opportunity to consummate all of these things if I am content with myself, able to endure and be at ease?

👉 More than 10,000 people have endured unsolvable inner dilemmas for many years, and finally got the answers here!

👉 For more than 20 years, Mr. Zhou Dingwen has helped thousands of people to lead a different new life because of the "systematic arrangement"!

I. International Systematization Course


Understand the rules and dynamics behind all life phenomena,
Learn the secrets to success and happiness.


When we understand these precious information and start to sort out the dynamics of the individual and the related system to which he belongs, we can reawaken the inner power and regain the dominance of life; when the personal vitality and creativity are awakened again, as long as With the use of the correct law of life, whether you want to develop your unique talents, or realize the ideal happiness, abundance, and fulfill your personal vision and career, it will no longer be a distant and extravagant dream!

Questions you may have about system arrangement

Understand the rules and dynamics behind all life phenomena,
Learn the secrets to success and happiness.

III. professional training courses


☑ Deep healing in all aspects, complete repair

Whether your challenge comes from career money/family of origin/physical and mental health/gender marriage/life exploration, the discussion and teaching of the workshop can cut into the common core of everything from any angle, and develop appropriate suggestions and solutions from it The way to help you transform and thrive from the root.

☑ Clean up the subconscious that hinders the success of life

The Iceberg Theory divides human consciousness into consciousness and subconsciousness. Among them, the visible consciousness on the horizontal plane accounts for only 10%, while the unaware subconsciousness below the horizontal plane accounts for 90%. The workshop can help you understand , At the same time, improving the hidden 90% of the potential patterns that are restrictive, unproductive, and even self-destructive is of great help to individuals on the road to prosperity.

☑ See the operation of system dynamics and understand the crux of the problem

In addition to the internal influence described by the personal life course, the power from the related family/organizational system should not be underestimated. Many problem states are not caused by individuals, but are generated through the interaction of people, things and situations. Through the combing of System Psychodynamics, individuals can see the true appearance of the problem from an overall perspective.


☑ Transform negative emotions and return to inner peace

Through the case study and inner meditation in the workshop, you will release and transform those emotions and beliefs that do not belong to you or are no longer appropriate, and at the same time, you will be aware of and release the destructive motives and behaviors hidden deep inside, so that you can return to Inner peace, look to the future with clear and clear thoughts!

III. professional training courses

Through the learning guidance of the Towards Abundant Life Workshop, you will no longer be alone under pressure and difficulties, and you will no longer blindly go around in circles without success. We have the best teachers, the most professional methods and incisive and practical courses Designed to help you find a breakthrough point, allowing you to take an important first step. After class, you can continue to apply the knowledge and methods you have learned in class, and let it continue to change and create for you, as long as you are willing to continue Do it, practice it, and you will be able to experience the incredible power of this study!


Please leave your contact information, and the course consultant will provide you with exclusive registration discounts

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Teacher Zhou Dingwen's workshop course scene

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zhoudingwen (9).jpeg
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活出鑽石人生 - 周鼎文老師工作坊學員回饋


從與伴侶行如陌人 到重新看見彼此 從把家當旅館 到開始關心父母與孩子 先生的自我剖析 太太的親身見證 一個家的生命被重新點燃了! #學員回饋 #兩性關係 #家庭和諧 #鑽石成長班 ------------------------------------------------- 周鼎文 暢意人生系列 周鼎文 愛與和解系列 周鼎文 親子與家庭系列 周鼎文 事業與財富系列 周鼎文 全系列 ----------------------------------------------------- 👉Learn More 學習更多👈 🌈周鼎文幸福人生系列課程: ​ ✅「啟動全面成功」系統排列台北三日工作坊 2023/11/03 ​ ✅ 讀懂孩子新加坡工作坊 2023/11/11 ​ ✅ 健康之鑰:「生命力的連結與喚醒」線上工作坊 2023/11/25 ​ ✅ 除舊迎新·再創顛峰 線上兩日工作坊 2024/01/13 ​ ✅線上鑽石成長班第 7 期 2024/06/21 ​ 🎖道石課程總表 ​ 一對一個別會談預約 FB粉絲頁 Line@即時客服 🏅 道石精選好文


V. Meditative Contemplation Course

The first systematic arrangement instructor in the Chinese world

  • A Pioneer in Promoting the Development of Systematic Arrangements in Asia

  • Chairman of the two Asian Systematic Arrangement Conferences

  • Former Founder of Taiwan Hellinger Organization

  • Research and promotion of systematic psychology for more than 20 years

  • Invited lectures and workshops at home and abroad

  • Counseling more than 10,000 person-timescase ranking

  • best selling author


  • professional field:



  • professional experience

  1. Taiwan qualified psychologist license

  2. Master of Educational Psychology and Counseling Institute, Tamkang University

  3. Graduated from the international training course of systematic arrangement in Germany


  • large international researchSeminar experience

  1. 2022/International Family/Systemic Constellation Conference  Speaker

  2. 2021/2022 Awakening the field forum keynote speaker

  3. 2018/China's First Systematic Psychology Applied Exchange Conference Speaker

  4. 2017/China’s First Systematic Arrangement Public Welfare Summit Forum Speaker

  5. 2006/Chairman of the First Asian Systematic Arrangement Conference

  6. 2008/Chairman of the 2nd Asian Systematic Arrangement Conference


  • Invited to give speeches and counseling work from all walks of life at home and abroad

Overseas: American Systematic Arrangement Conference, German Systemic Arrangement Conference, China's First Systematic Psychology Application Exchange Conference, Fukushima Radiation Public Welfare Lecture, African Nigeria Systematic Arrangement Public Welfare Workshop. Domestic: Sanzong, National Taiwan University, Wanfang Hospital, Psychiatry Department, Social Work Office, Family Support Center Foundation, School Teachers' Knowledge and Ability Study, Government Special Education Center, etc.

Harmoniously resonating with the universe, wandering in time and space transcendentally,
Connect with the wisdom of the universe and open up the possibility of life.

To grow is to move from "Unconscious" to "Awakeness".


Growth is from "ignorance" to "brightness"

                          —— 節錄「第The third online diamond growth class"

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