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Serapis Bey #054

Serapis Bey #054

color: Transparent color/Transparent color

when mixed together: transparent color

energy center: All energy centers


theme: Cleans and detoxifies all layers


positive personality: He is a very personal ideal philosopher. Know a lot and understand a lot. Learn about conflict, pain and suffering. The various situations and levels of the problem are clearly seen. Knowledge of the universe. It is "a rainbow warrior" (this is the title of Vicky Wall, the inventor of spiritual oil), which means that this is a person who has the potential to awaken the rainbow in himself. And "awakening the rainbow" means to balance all the energy centers and make them the best arrangement.


Aspects that can be improved: Clinging to old conventions and institutions. Often feel unprepared and get messed up by the unforeseen. Daydreaming and suffering, spending too much time on details. it's painful. The man's tears had washed all the color out of his life.


spiritual level: Change energy. Get rid of previous confusion or confusion in your mind. Bring awareness into old "sex" issues so they can be resolved. Make you aware of your light body. Has a cleansing function, especially for use during and after fasting.


psychological level: Provides you with freedom to make decisions and a deeper understanding of conflict and painful situations. Help you let go of deep expectations and accept the status quo.


emotional level: Release your accumulated tears and refresh you. Clear away deep pain and inner conflict. Give courage to face difficult emotions.


Application area: everywhere in the body.


convinced: Whether I cry or laugh, in my tears I see a rainbow.

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