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Saint-Germain #056

Saint-Germain #056

color: Lavender/lavender

when mixed together: lavender

energy center: The seventh energy center (crown chakra)


theme: release all negativity


positive personality: was a reformer and inspired teacher. Humorous, proficient in thought processes, and creative at the same time. Able to obey others and know when to do so. The appearance of this person often makes the scene very harmonious and plays the role of catalyst. Stay fit and know that exercise is the most important thing when it comes to overall well-being. Possesses strong intuition and psychic abilities. Loves to be alone and feels very comfortable in their personal world, but also loves to travel and seek more adventures outside.


Aspects that can be improved: To be a martyr (negative meaning). Bound by one's own thought and behavior patterns, that's why the person's life circumstances cannot be changed. Feelings of pressure within and a perceived threat from the physical world. Is a loner who feels homeless, both literally and figuratively. Longing to be anywhere else, but just don't want to be here. Trapped in your own world and past. He punishes his body severely and trains his body to the extreme.


spiritual level: Support your search for higher truth. Let go of the discomfort you feel from being overly attached to the suffering of the world. Bring self-love and inner peace together. Help to torture yourself less and discover the meaning of practicing meditation. Awakens psychic abilities.


psychological level: Interrupt the non-stop thoughts. Stimulate intuition. Helps to let go of self-denial and old patterns.


emotional level: Dispels negative emotional patterns, especially when related to faultfinding. Bring clarity into conflict.


Application area: Along hair edges and bottoms of feet.


convinced: I trust my intuition to be based on reason.

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