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Orion & Angelica #058

Orion & Angelica #058

color: Light blue/light pink

when mixed together: lavender

energy center: Fifth and seventh energy centers (throat and crown chakras)


theme: Inner and Outer Journey


positive personality: is a sentient being who builds bridges between matter and mind. The ability to experience the magic of life like a child and use it constructively. Express yourself with skill and precision; balanced, patient, and present. Concerned about metamorphosis. At the same time aware of the radiance of your own divinity, you can also perceive the radiance of the divinity of others. Love the earth and often work in the field of ecology. I like to travel.


Aspects that can be improved: Manipulating oneself and others emotionally, convinced that it is for the truth. His "inner child" needs to be healed, which means that the person is emotionally immature. Finds difficulty expressing emotion and making physical contact.


spiritual level: To help you open to other levels of information, while allowing you to recognize the light of divinity in yourself and others. Support changes in your spiritual life. Washing - such as after staying in an environment with a negative atmosphere.


psychological level: Help adolescents overcome developmental difficulties. Resolving emotional crises, especially when these relate to typical male or female roles (father or mother). This aspect applies to both teens and adults.


emotional level: Helps overcome the irrational fears and frustrations of the "inner child". Helps develop stronger resistance to change negative emotions and reduce oversensitivity.



Application area: Around stomach and abdomen, throat, and along hair edges.


convinced: I live in this moment, and changes happen.

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