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Maha Chohan #062

Maha Chohan #062

bottle name: Maha Chohan (Master's name)

Product Number: #0062


color: Light blue-green/light blue-green

when mixed together: light blue green

energy center: Fourth, fourth and one-half, fifth energy center (heart chakra and throat chakra)


theme: The Link Between Reason and Spirituality


positive personality: Is a rather inspired, intuitive person who can creatively express talents related to the heart (via dancing, singing, writing, etc.). Humble, polite, caring for people and understanding of yourself. Help others by following your own path and inner guidance from "above". Strongly associated with crystals and minerals, especially quartz. Have a deep contact with the subconscious mind. Talented in public speaking, working with computers and mass communication.


Aspects that can be improved: Tendency to punish and condemn oneself for various reasons. Fear of expressing emotion that would cause physical discomfort. Love wrong many people. It is quite possible to have a broken heart and not heal it. Difficulty using modern technology such as operating a computer (technophobia).


spiritual level: Helps you reach "higher levels" from where you can see more clearly. Frees you from fear and also releases old patterns. Facilitate internal and external communication. Inspire a sense of humility and trust in the flow of life. Help relieve unconscious stress.


psychological level: Remove blocks to creativity. Strengthen and support the vulnerable. You are encouraged not to have a tendency to punish yourself.


emotional level: Helps heal broken hearts and help process the past. This bottle is good for those who suffer from falling in love with an unsuitable object. Reduce feelings of isolation.


convinced: I follow the flow of life.

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