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Lady Portia #059

Lady Portia #059

color: Pale yellow/pale pink

when mixed together: light coral

energy center: The first and second energy centers (root chakra and dantian)


theme: justice and discernment


positive personality: Is a great speaker, with discernment, a sense of justice, and a sense of balance. Understand the structure of the past, especially religion; at the same time have the ability to orientate the future. not selfish. Benevolent, but at the same time possessing qualities of leadership. His humor and joy spread to those around him. Be in the process of awakening and enjoy the quest. Be grateful for all that life has given him. Can tell others what they need to hear.


Aspects that can be improved: Can't see my achievements, but always focus on what needs to be done. Constantly judge and blame yourself. Talk too much. Even if you are capable and talented, it is difficult to see what you will achieve. Life is no fun. Feel guilty. Usually it will be an individual who is overweight.


spiritual level: Connects you with your inner truth. Brings you spiritual discernment, generosity, and gratitude. Encourages you to stop judging and condemning yourself and others too often.


psychological level: Break the old pattern, so that you have a new understanding and a new understanding of yourself. Helps you let go of your overly analytical mind.


emotional level: Help you understand that there are certain things in life that cannot be achieved. Gently cleanses the emotional layer. Bringing you joy and helping you overcome your fears, especially the fear of not feeling good enough.


Application area: Around the entire stomach and abdomen.


convinced: I understand the laws of life and thus I grow.

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