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Kuthumi #051

Kuthumi #051

color: light yellow/light yellow

when mixed together: pale yellow

energy center: The third energy center (solar plexus)


theme: Rational people are pursuing wisdom

positive personality: is a spiritual warrior who is willing to take the initiative to defend certain things. Have a strong psychological flexibility, independent thinking and action. Educate and guide others in a supportive and non-intrusive manner. Inspire others to live out their potential. Be the master of your own destiny. Positively speaking, he is a very rational and clear-minded person. Good understanding of numbers (from mathematics to numerology).


Aspects that can be improved: Is an unhappy person, with a lot of dogma, blindly live a life. Expecting and fearing many things instead of being present. Not elastic. Too much rationalization, but I know it will hinder progress.


spiritual level: Inspires spiritual discernment, empathy and compassion. It helps to know the direction of one's own destiny. A deeper awareness of old wisdom.


psychological level: Help solve rational problems, and gain the integration of knowledge and wisdom in the process of solving. Inspires mental resilience. Let you understand the working process of society.


emotional level: Helps overcome fear, especially fear of anticipation. Bring joy into a life that has lost it.


Application area: Around the solar plexus (stomach chakra).


convinced: I stand in front of the door and know that joy is just behind the door.

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