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color: Light coral/turquoise

when mixed together: deep purple

energy center: The second, fourth and fourth and one-half energy centers (dantian and heart chakra)


theme: Communicate with deep joy

positive personality: Love aesthetics and beautiful things. A person who is in touch with his own creativity and who can express emotion. Is a person full of warmth and love. Also an independent free thinker who has overcome many fears, found inner balance, opened himself up and let the inner feminine and intuitive energy guide. Possibly a job in a media or mass broadcasting related field.

Aspects that can be improved: I am a person who is not centered, afraid of many things, especially two things. One is the fear of losing the inner peace that has been gained; the other is the fear of acknowledging the feminine within. Difficulty expressing emotions, and may have failed others' feelings as a result. There are problems with dependence, codependency, and addictions.


spiritual level: Helps you connect with the collective subconscious mind and your inner intuition; at the same time supports you in using and expressing the insights gained from the foregoing.


psychological level: The effect of this bottle on the psychological level is similar to the effect on the spiritual level.


emotional level: Inspires you to overcome the difficulties of dependence, codependency, and addictive behaviors, while helping you become more independent. Inspire feelings of self-love. It also helps you integrate with the male character. Reduce fear of the stage, flying, water and new technologies.



Application area: Around the entire body trunk.


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