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color: Light coral/olive green

when mixed together: Olive green with coral dots

energy center: Second, fourth and fifth energy centers (dantian, heart chakra and throat chakra)

theme: Get trust from your intuition


positive personality: A person who trusts his intuition and can express the knowledge gained from it. Knows a lot about myself; has overcome a lot of fears. Know how to use external difficulties to help yourself grow internally. There are many deep realizations, and it is possible to share these experiences with others through the "heart". Connect with your true truth and live according to it. I love who I am now. There is a deep joy in knowing that one's mission is to exist in one's life. This joy is his greatest treasure.


Aspects that can be improved: A person who opened the door of his heart from a deep trust, but felt frustrated and disillusioned. You may have been abused, so you have lost touch with your intuition. Tendency to manipulate truth to suit one's own needs.


spiritual level: Help you connect with your intuition and "inner teacher", and also connect with the energy of the Goddess. Insight gained through practical (spiritual) experience. Help you recognize your own truth and overcome spiritual arrogance.


psychological level: Helpful in saying goodbye to fear and looking at disharmony in relationships.


emotional level: To comfort someone who has been hurt in a relationship. Clear the emotional fright. Helps you let go of dependencies and interdependence issues. Also help to let go of the obsession with the relationship. Make it easier for you to stay away from these types of relationships and behavior patterns.



Application area: Around the stomach, abdomen and chest. In frightened situations, apply in a band on the right side of the body, from the right earlobe down to the right ankle.


convinced: Before enlightenment, cut wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.

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