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Djwal Khul & Hilarion #063

Djwal Khul & Hilarion #063

bottle name: Djwal Khul & Hilarion (Master's name)

Product number: 0063


color: Emerald Green/Light Green

when mixed together:green

energy center: The fourth energy center (heart chakra)


theme: Learning to understand the purpose of life

positive personality: He is a very open person who has the courage to speak the truth. Always be in the right place at the right time. Be sure that you will succeed, even if this success will be delayed. Ready for any situation. Is a good arbiter who can recognize the needs of others; also a very practical idealist who believes in a better tomorrow and understands the purpose of his own life. Unselfish and able to understand the troubles of those around him. Have a lot of perseverance. Can be called a kind-hearted, compassionate person. Possibly engage in charity work. Have the ability to invent new things in the field of science.


Aspects that can be improved: Indulging in negative emotions, unable to see the positive side of things. Arrogance hindered his success. Enclosing yourself in fear narrows the system of beliefs. Especially when he wants to see the truth clearly, this habit is indeed a hindrance. Not good at using youth. Unable to allocate time well.


spiritual level: Brings peace and a sense of renewal. Connecting you to your true purpose and ideals in life.


psychological level: Encourages you to let go of your fears, especially agoraphobia and claustrophobia. Balance those who give too much.


emotional level: Brings you to great joy. Helps overcome fear and boundary issues.


Application area: The entire chest area.


convinced: I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

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