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Djwal Khul #064

Djwal Khul #064

bottle name: Djwal Khul (Master Name)

Product number: 0064


color: Emerald Green/Transparent

when mixed together:green

energy center: The fourth energy center (heart chakra)


theme: The only constant in life is change

positive personality: He is a person who pursues the truth and explores the truth through his own feelings. Know that life is all about learning. Love to study the mode of operation of nature, and strive to find balance. Uses the mind as a tool, is a very determined person, and feels drawn to a higher emotion (love, compassion, etc.). Be a reformer, a warrior, do the right thing at the right time. Master your own thoughts and destiny.


Aspects that can be improved: Easily disappointed and haunted by fear. Clinging to things in the material world. Often compromises for emotional reasons, thus undermining emotional authenticity. Clinging to deep grief without delving into the reasons behind it and addressing it, even though there is the potential and opportunity to do so. Unwilling to face the difficulties in life, because you are not sure where the road will lead you. If the person walks toward the light, he can easily see his true purpose.


spiritual level: To make you understand the cycle of life and death. Help you gain wisdom from life experience. Induce joy. This bottle is called New Beginnings, and it helps take your destiny in a new direction.


psychological level: Support the pursuit of truth. Bring clarity into your subconscious mind in order to discover the intentions that govern your behavior.


emotional level: Good for releasing repressed emotions and bringing balance and clarity into emotional life. Encourages you to adjust yourself to emotional changes. Create a deeper relationship with nature.


Application area: Around the whole chest.


convinced: May the spirit of truth come to the earth, so that I can find the inner light.

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