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Calypso #082

Calypso #082

bottle name: Calypso (the name of the goddess of the sea)

Number: #082


color: Green/Orange

when mixed together: olive green


energy center: The second and fourth energy centers (dantian and heart chakra)


theme: overcoming deep emotional shock


positive personality: A lot of wisdom accumulated from the past can be applied to the current environment. Very aware of the high level emotional side. Receive deep insights and be able to talk about them. Connect with the flow of inner emotion. know where to go. Trust in your inner feelings of happiness and joy. Love nature and understand how it works.


Aspects that can be improved: A seeker who has awakened from a dream, and is still trembling with deep emotional shock. Had a difficult childhood. Very self-centered, acts against his own principles, and is not honest with himself. Fear of expressing the truth. Generally speaking, be haunted by a deep, unspeakable fear.


spiritual level: Helps release past spiritual conflicts. Allows you to create space for new insights and joy. Facilitates a new beginning that brings about deep change.


psychological level: Recommended for those who have a complex with their father that causes fright and fear. Let go of frustration and addictive behaviors, especially when these stem from emotional difficulties.


emotional level: Brings you emotional clarity, happiness, and joy. Relieves deep emotional shock and trauma.



Application area: The whole body torso.


convinced: I open my heart to new directions.

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