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Anubis #008

Anubis #008

bottle name: Anubis

color: Yellow/Blue

when mixed together:green

energy center: The third, fourth and fifth energy centers (stomach chakra, heart chakra and throat chakra)

theme: Excessive thoughts disturb inner peace


positive personality: good sense of time, balance, fairness; organized, with a particular affinity for equality (to all people, all religious traditions...etc). Know the laws of life and know the consequences of disobeying them. Has the ability to educate others, but not in the spiritual realm. Outstanding ability in management, control and organization. Be a man who knows himself.


Aspects that can be improved: Too busy with superficial chitchat to receive messages that are really needed. Desperate for harmony; unable to make decisions because of a keen awareness that things often have two sides. Have authoritarian behavior and strong prejudices.


spiritual level: Helps you see the law of love clearly; enables you to live in the present while connecting with eternity.


psychological level: Give assistance and support in the process of self-knowledge, and at the same time help yourself to be more aware of future plans. Relieves nervous tension and stuttering and is helpful for both adults and children.

emotional level: Releases old guilt; it helps you create a balance when various aspects of your personality are in conflict. To bring the light of day into repressed anger; to bring new insight into adversity.


Application area: The whole body torso.

convinced: I live here and now. Here and now is the only moment that can change.

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