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What's the Message Behind Illness?

A perplexing bodily condition offers us the opportunity to explore the deep-seated meanings concealed behind it. Through systemic constellation, we gain a fresh perspective, thereby evolving our approach towards people and things. By changing how we perceive the world, we change the world we see. With a noticeable limp, she made her way onto the stage, and sat beside Teacher Chou Ting Wen. Her slight limp had persisted for weeks, with mysterious blisters on the soles of her feet, causing her great discomfort. After a heartfelt conversation with the participant, Teacher Chou Ting Wen learned about her foot pain symptoms and her relationship with her mother and grandmother. "I dare not tell my mother about my foot pain because I know she'll blame me for not taking care of myself. I'm scared of my mom, afraid to share many things with her. Being a teacher, she always demanded perfection from me in everything, insisting I excel and not disappoint her. Because of her strictness, I've never dared to be affectionate in front of her, not even once." "But no matter how hard I try, I always end up disappointing her. I can never do everything perfectly. I fear her expectations and demands. Yet, I strive to be perfect, never showing any flaws in front of her. I miss my grandmother terribly. I even think that if she were still alive, she could cure my foot pain. I could be myself and let loose in front of her because she would tolerate my mistakes and accept my flaws. To me, my grandmother was extremely gentle and different from my mother." "The sound of my grandmother tapping the wooden fish is the most beautiful sound in my memory. My grandmother spent most of her time living in the temple, where she would often close her eyes in deep concentration, tapping the wooden fish with devout reverence. I cherished this devout and peaceful scene. In my eyes, my grandmother was like a deity. She could divine, she could heal, treating various difficult illnesses in the village. Later, I heard my mother mention that my grandmother saved many people but couldn't save her own two sons, my mother's two brothers." Systemic Constellation Analysis After listening to her narrative, Teacher Chou kindly said, "The women in your family have suppressed themselves too much, including your grandmother, your mother, and yourself. Moreover, you are too closely linked to your grandmother emotionally. You're finding it hard to let go of her since her passing." Upon hearing Teacher Chou's words, tears streamed down the participant's face as she choked out, "You're right. I love my grandmother dearly; I can't bear to let her go!" "But now you need to bid farewell to your deceased grandmother. And we can use systemic constellation to explore the emotions suppressed by the women in your family. When you understand these repressed emotions and the true nature of your grandmother and mother, I believe your foot pain and blisters will soon improve. Are you willing to explore?" The participant nodded tearfully with a smile. Throughout the entire constellation process, we observed that the grandmother (representative) was unwilling to face her deceased children, her expression filled with anguish. Even when the participant (representative) tried to pull her towards her deceased children, the grandmother refused, turning her head away. Seeing the grandmother turning her back on her deceased children, the participant (representative) couldn't help but cry out, "Grandma, if you won't look at them, I'll go with you." "Your grandmother is overwhelmed with guilt. She resents herself for healing so many people but failing to save her own children. She's too grief-stricken, unable to accept the death of her children. And you, you're clinging so tightly to your grandmother, even contemplating joining her in death." Teacher Chou's brief explanation allowed the participant to clearly see the facts presented in the constellation field. Subsequently, Teacher Chou guided the participant to directly confront her grandmother, encouraging her to face and accept the deaths of her own children: "Grandma, please, look at your children, accept them. You couldn't save them, and that's not your fault! Now, you can be with your children. Look at them, embrace them."  With loving guidance, the grandmother slowly turned around, gazing at her two children; then slowly approached them, embracing them tightly and bursting into tears. The long-suppressed pain in the grandmother's heart finally found release through tears. In the constellation field, the mother (representative) remained concerned about the participant (representative), fearing that something untoward might happen to her daughter. She also felt fearful, unable to comprehend why her brothers had suddenly died. “Actually, your mother's strictness towards you, her intolerance of your mistakes, stems from her worry and fear for you. She's afraid that any misstep on your part could lead to death, just like her two brothers' accidental deaths. This subconscious fear occupies her mind and deeply affects her. Her strictness is her way of showing love for you." These words helped the participant gain a new understanding and perspective on her mother. Under Teacher Chou's guidance, the participant gratefully said to her mother, "Mom, thank you for bearing so much for our family. Thank you for carrying so much for Grandma. Mom, thank you for staying alive! Mom, I'll be obedient, take care of myself, and not let you worry." The mother and daughter embraced each other, and everyone felt the love and understanding between them.

Subsequently, Teacher Chou suggested that the participant accompany her mother to do something in memory of her deceased uncles, to see them anew in her heart and give them a place. Additionally, it's essential to keep the soles of the feet cool and ventilated, avoiding excessive wrapping to cover the blisters, as it only exacerbates the symptoms of foot pain. It's precisely such a seemingly "mysterious" bodily condition that gives us the opportunity to explore the deep-seated meanings behind it. Through the study of systemic constellation, the participant saw the suppressed guilt and sorrow of her grandmother, the suppressed worry and fear of her mother, and behind these suppressed emotions, the deep love they harbor for their children. In life, the participant unconsciously absorbed the suppressed emotions of her grandmother and mother, harboring many repressed emotions herself, which ultimately led to the release of emotional toxins from the depths of her soul through her feet. This kind of release and liberation is beneficial for both body and mind. Through systemic constellation, we gain a fresh perspective, thereby evolving our approach towards people and things. By changing how we perceive the world, we change the world we see.

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