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We Need Healing Across All Levels

We require healing on various levels. Most urgently, when our bodies suffer, we seek healing; the pains and discomforts drive us to seek medical assistance. Often, this physical suffering accompanies psychological anguish; bodily illness can torment the mind. Conversely, emotional pain can manifest as physical illness, prompting individuals to seek assistance. 

Does the spirit fall ill too? Do our spirits at times require healing, perhaps through insights or release? Can a sick spirit cause mental or physical ailments? Where does healing begin? Healing usually begins with the spirit, which extends to the mind and body. While many physical ailments bear no relation to the mind or spirit—such as infectious diseases, genetic disorders, disabilities, and accidents—the mind and spirit still play a role in healing the body. Most importantly, the factors that cause the mind and spirit to suffer must be healed first. On the inner journey, our spirit may disconnect from our body and mind in some way, such as when we come into harmony with the workings of a great spirit. This process purifies our souls and cleanses the delusions and attempts that trouble our minds and bodies. 

But how does this purification occur? Primarily through attention. The workings of the mind and spirit keenly observe everything, including sickness, pain, and destiny. They also take note of individuals whom we or our families have overlooked or rejected, those who draw our attention through bodily ailments. We need these individuals; our spirits need them; our bodies need them. As our hearts and spirits align on the inner journey and attentively observe all individuals, including those who have lost their place among us and within our families, a connection is forged. Thus, our spirits and hearts reclaim their rightful places, bestowing healing upon our bodies. 

In this inner journey, we may also seek healing for our ailments through harmonious interaction with the great spirit. In doing so, the great spirit pays heed to us. Through such prayers, we may even achieve a unique harmony with the great spirit.

Extracted from “Journeys to the Core” by Bert Hellinger

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