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The Poverty of the Soul

If one doesn't succeed, they may fall into poverty. However, even in poverty, people still need to perform well enough in many areas to survive. How can they successfully break free from poverty? They need to become humble and down-to-earth, so they remain connected to their roots while gradually shifting direction. This poverty is a spiritual one, originating in the soul, lingering there, and transforming within. Escaping poverty is a spiritual achievement, a success shrouded in secrecy. Barely visible at first, it ascends gradually with determination, culminating in a soul-level transformation. Throughout the process, it quietly unfolds, often going unnoticed. This is the method that those in poverty can learn: how to sever ties with poverty and achieve freedom on their own. This freedom represents a remarkable success because they've entered a new level. They look forward and move forward with humility. In doing so, their success can flourish and inspire others with similar backgrounds of poverty. 

Extracted from “Story of Success”, written by Bert Hellinger

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