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The Key Lies in Living Out Everything

- Exclusion - Agreement - Harmony Systemic constellation can shed light on many issues, especially health-related ones, which may be linked to one or more excluded family members or events hidden or suppressed in family history. Whether conscious or unconscious, exclusion often stems from traumatic experiences or overwhelming feelings of disappointment and pain. It's akin to building dams when a flood occurs, aiming to protect lives. However, this coping mechanism can become ingrained, persisting as an unconscious pattern projected onto others. Many significant painful experiences later lead to criticism, blame, and demands; they strengthen the bonds of relationships but also cause separation, and disease is often the medium through which a person can pause and effect change. In contrast to the entanglements and limitations of life caused by "exclusion", what we experience is acceptance, acknowledgment, and harmony, which possess reconciliatory and healing powers, even though achieving these is not easy for us. A person's future can only be free when they achieve harmony with their past. Whether it's related to life events; from early losses, early separation from parents, or a particular decision; or if it goes beyond just one person's life and connects to their family's past. It is a fact that a person who struggles against their past continues to be bound by it! The systemic constellation of illness suggests that solely examining an individual's life is inadequate for genuine release and healing.  Disease must be seen as something deeply rooted in the family's history across generations, so it's not just about one person's experience.

Extracted from “Even if it Costs me my Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness”

by Stephan Hausne

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