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The Best Solutions Aren't Always Dramatic

Question: I've had great experiences with family systemic constellations before, but in those settings, there was often a lot of excitement and drama before finding a resolution, whereas here, it's very calm. Does this method really work? Answer: The intense, dramatic feelings you experience in family systemic constellations are often the feelings of children. These constellations often depict the relationship between a child and their parents, so it's not unusual to feel a certain tension deep in the soul or to shed tears; or it may be related to someone in the family facing a difficult fate, such as illness, early death, or exclusion. When these situations appear in a constellation, they can trigger strong emotions. However, these emotions have a healing power, as you and many others have experienced. However, the issues that we face in organizational constellations are different. Dramatic situations can indeed occur in businesses and there’s no doubt that systemic principles can be violated, however, the emotional fluctuations are less pronounced. Your affiliation with a company is not determined by fate. You can resign from your boss and leave, but that's not the case with family. Even if adolescent rage causes you to slam the door and your parents yell, "Don't come back!" in frustration, even if you move to another country and cut ties with your hometown, your inner connection to your family remains just as strong, if not stronger, than seeing your parents and siblings every day. The depth and intensity of emotions reflect the systems and connections at play, and is not necessarily related to finding good solutions. We can also find solutions in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

Extracted from ‘Invisible Dynamics: Systemic Constellations in Organisations and in Business

by Klaus P. Horn and Regine Brick

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