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Overcoming and Transforming Trauma

【Trauma and Recovery】Overcoming and Transforming Trauma

Trauma is the fourth path to awakening. When we undergo transformation and liberation from trauma, like newborns, we must face the world of uncertainty. When we heal from trauma, the released energy becomes the source for our creativity, art, and poetic expressions, propelling us toward our innate wisdom.

Trauma is a blocked instinct. By definition, instinct is always in the present moment. When we give instinct its rightful place, we submit to the ‘eternal now’. Through fully embodying mind and body, we can access the source of our own energy and passion. Ponder for a moment on the word 'enthusiasm’ – it is derived from Greek, where 'en' means 'within' and 'Theos' means 'God.' As we rediscover enthusiasm for life, we come closer to the divine, becoming more spiritual.

We uncover the hidden aspects of ourselves that give us a sense of completeness and wholeness when we overcome our traumas. We grasp and internalize the profound yet basic ideas of "I am I" and "I am here." Without a sense of belonging in this world, we feel lost and disconnected from life. If we learn to submit to this intrinsic wisdom, it can guide us through the healing process, guiding us deeper into innate spirituality and a deeper connection with life. Healing from trauma opens the path to greater self-awareness, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the flow of life. The process of trauma recovery can be seen as the final push of instinct, with inner vibrations and tremors acting as the kick that awakens and guides us home.

Extracted from “Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body” by Peter A. Levine

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