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Love Triangle

"Mom, do you allow me to love Dad?" From the moment a child is born, they maintain both an independent and close relationship with their mother. The child depends on the mother for nourishment and care, while the father provides protection and supports the family. This is the normal state of affairs. However, for separated partners or couples with strained relationships, the child faces the biggest challenge: "I want to love Dad. Can I love Dad? Is it a betrayal to Mom if I love Dad?"

The child is caught in this dilemma—needing the mother to survive on one hand and desiring the father's affection on the other. These two needs clash within the child. When Mom is sad, the child sympathizes with her and wishes to offer support. But what about Dad? Searching his approval and love subconsciously, the child also yearns for a united family. It is this love triangle that unfolds different scenarios in each family as the emotional stages of the couple evolve. 

A grown-up child can consciously stay out of their parents' relationship, and this is where the practice of life begins.

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