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Let’s be together?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Many relationships start with the phrase,

“Let's be together!”

Before saying this phrase, however, how many people have really thought carefully about the reasons for being together and what they really want?

The root of the problem of many intimate relationships is actually closely linked to the reason why two people got together in the first place. Under the influence of reality and social norms, many people get together not because of love, but to use the relationship as a tool to escape from their biological family, acquire wealth, status or to prove themselves, or simply out of sympathy. When the reasons for being together no longer exist, such as when one person is earning more money, has a higher social status than the other, or has admirers, the relationship between the two begins to waver. A relationship that is based upon these external reasons is inherently fragile. Once the needs are gone or if there is someone who is better, the relationship can break in an instant. Unless both parties put in genuine effort in connecting and nurturing the relationship during their time together, any trivial matter can be rationalized as the cause of the broken relationship. However, these seemingly serious accusations are mostly excuses in order to let oneself be released from a relationship that no longer serves any purpose. If the parties involved do not realize exactly what they are pursuing under the name of love, and simply imagine that cutting off and separating will lead to a more perfect relationship, they will only continue to suffer the same fate in future relationships and become a chronic victim of their own self-pitying.

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