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Growing in Harmony

The effects of systemic constellations yield abundant results across time and space. The images that emerge in the realm of the soul are not constrained by time, as they have ample space within individual and collective souls to unfold and develop on their own. Things happen a certain way not because we took any action, but because it naturally unfolds within the soul's realm. Great souls are powerful, calm, and expansive, igniting the start of growth. We've learned much about constellations, but how do we practically apply this knowledge? The answer lies in applying it within harmony. First, I maintain harmony within myself. But to achieve this, I must first harmonize with my parents. I look at them and say, "You are the most beautiful and wonderful beings in the world. All the goodness in my life flows through you. You are the source of everything for me." I fully accept everything that my parents have given me with joy. In this way, I am not only in harmony with my parents, but also with my ancestors, my country, my fellow citizens, and my religion. I am born of this, and they are all a part of me. When I'm in harmony with everything, respecting all things, I don't need to fight against anything to protect myself. Everything feels right and appropriate, so there's no need to avoid anything. Suddenly, I can finally receive the gift from within. I'm doing so well, and my parents, ancestors, and all beloved elders rejoice in overflowing joy. When I make good use of this gift in my life, it means I honor all the elders, and they will be overjoyed. When someone comes to me for help, I come into harmony with them, their parents, ancestors, country, culture and religion. Once I have no resistance to their background, they can trust me and I can trust them. Then, we enter a larger field of resonance that becomes richer and better. Imagine yourself and your own being, your parents, your destiny, and the other person, and their destiny, all merging into harmony. This means you may also merge into harmony with their illness, complaints, and death, just as you accept your own illness, complaints, and death. If you merge into harmony with all of the above, certain things will naturally unfold between you without any effort.

Extracted from “Rising in Love” by Bert Hellinger

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