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"Goodbye Jesus" ~ Chapters of Life

For each of us, life is finite, or at least it appears so. Our experience tells us that every person's life has its final day. How can life be immortalized? Life goes beyond just one person, and it doesn’t get used up with each new birth; life itself is not diminished or extinguished by this process of creation. So, who truly lives this life? What are all these living lives participating in? Life manifests the eternal soul in the most magnificent way, existing in boundless abundance, continuously creating life and sustaining endless creation through various life forms. And what happens to each person when they die? Do they just disappear? Or do they live on? Are they still favored and led by the power of creation? Are they simply taken in a different direction by this power? What is the difference between the deceased and those who live in front of us, with whom we maintain relationships? The reason these living people are here is because their ancestors existed before them, and because these deceased individuals are still with them, living among them. So, what happens to us when we die? Do we really die? Or do we live on in different ways? Besides the physical body, what does our soul experience when we die? What about our consciousness? Does life also transcend the eternal existence of life? Is there an existence that retrieves our body and soul, reintegrating them into the whole flow? Is this a transformation process that is similar to the death of the physical body? Oh life, life, this incredibly wonderful moment full of endless contradictions and oppositions, whose steps are often sluggish, heavy and exhausting. And then, in the blink of an eye, he spreads his wings and rises up with an immeasurable expanse of heavenly presence. Oh, this most marvelous, most wonderful moment of life! We divide life and death into relative positions, but what oppositions do we have in our lives that are related to this? The process within us of dividing life and death is like how we divide good and bad. In our imagination, the good can survive and continue, while the bad must disappear or die. Through such differentiation, we disrupt the great flow of life. Because of these distinctions, we try to eliminate things that should be treated equally. Because of these divisions, sometimes even when we are alive, we live as if we are zombies, not truly living the meaning of life. If we let go of our differences, what will our lives be like?

Our lives will continue. No matter how it changes its form, it will continue to thrive, creating and existing eternally with other beings in a creative way.

Extracted from “Together in the shadow of God” by Bert Hellinger

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