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Finding the Key to Solving Difficult Problems

A man confides in his friend about a trip he took with his parents for six weeks shortly after his wedding twenty years ago, leaving his wife alone. To this day, she is still upset about it. Despite his many apologies and explanations over the years, his wife has never forgiven him. His friend suggests, "Tell her she can ask something of you or do something that causes you the same pain." This advice enlightens him, and he discovers the key to solving the difficult problem. ---------------------- Some people may question whether reconciliation in a relationship can only be achieved by the innocent party becoming selfish or retaliating in kind. However, according to an old proverb, "You reap what you sow", it is only by examining the results that we can truly determine what is selfish behavior and what actions contribute to a balanced relationship. Reconciliation can only occur when both parties let go of their insistence on compensation.

Extracted from “Rising in Love – A Philosophy of Being” by Bert Hellinger

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