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[Course Report] Lecture 4 of the 3rd Diamond Class: Holistic Health (Part 2)

When it comes to the causes of physical and mental imbalance, there is a book that provides information on how systemic constellation has been utilized to look for ways to overcome illnesses, and to see the hidden dynamics and events behind them, based on real life cases. This book is titled, “Even if it Costs me my Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness”, by Stephan Hausner and there is also a Mandarin version translated by TAOS. As a matter of fact, there are many chronic, hereditary, and unknown illnesses that systemic constellation can be utilized to find the source of a disease. This can then open the door to reconciliation, liberation, and even healing.

In the four sessions, Teacher Chou led us to examine the relationship between family dynamics and mental health through real case studies. For example, regarding gynecological diseases, they are often related to female members within the family; some of which are female related issues, and some of which are related to the inability to respect and recognize women in the family. In this course, a case of obsessive compulsive disorder on cleanliness was also examined. It turned out that in the family's history, an elder had passed away due to false accusations, leading the descendants to inherit this dynamic and develop an extreme aversion to any form of impurity. Ultimately, this obsessive cleanliness became a way to echo and resist those events that had occurred but were concealed. Apart from that, issues like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, emotional disorders, and similar issues are commonly discussed within systemic constellations. When there are cases of people harming others in the society, it suggests that there are unresolved dynamics within the system. This can cause the negative effects to be passed down and potentially create new traumas. If such issues are left unaddressed, the cycle will never end.

Therefore, Teacher Chou urges us to take a good look at the impact of all these events. As long as we are willing to face them, there is a chance for transformation. All these unconscious influences can be transformed into a form of conscious love through our inner "awareness, willingness, and action". It is important to remember that transformation is not exclusion. We can let the unconscious influences transform into something with better qualities for utilization; it is essentially the same energy in a different form. Life never excludes anything. All that is suppressed will eventually manifest in a negative form from somewhere else. The good or bad in all things is self-perceived and based on how we feel and interpret it. When we shift our mindsets, a change can occur. Teacher Chou encouraged everyone to develop their own characteristics in a good direction to minimize negative influences, and to learn to see the good things in something we deem as bad. We will benefit from them. This way, no matter what challenges life throws at us, they can be transformed into a force for support and growth.

At the end of the course, Teacher Chou emphasized: Life is built upon countless accumulations of “awareness, willingness, and action”. If a person lacks awareness and is driven by desires, they will be confined to the cycle of life and death. On the other hand, if one is capable of making conscious creations, one is an awakened being who lives consciously in this world and is able to transcend destiny. Life does not come with an instruction manual; there can be countless scripts. The best approach is to navigate your path with "awareness", shield yourself with "willingness," and embark on your journey with "action". Walk with determination, and in this manner, you can steer yourself towards creating a paradise on Earth.

With that, the course report of the 3rd Diamond Class comes to an end. Before wrapping up, we have one more intriguing tidbit to share: Teacher Chou once mentioned that everything external is a reflection of the mind's response. The Chinese term, “Appearance reflects the heart”, is not just about looks; even clothing has an influence. You may want to take a look to observe your own dressing habits and of those around you. If a young friend dresses up to look a lot older than their age, or if someone is unaware that their attire seems out of place for their age, perhaps they are unwittingly inheriting certain dynamics from family members or elders. Hence, they are unknowingly playing another family member’s role through their outfit or appearance. This is a simple yet amusing observation. Remember, observation and awareness are always the first steps to improvement. Even if you haven't attended the courses, applying conscious observation to everything you encounter can already aid your transformation. If you believe it is critical to grow and accomplish your goals and aspirations, and you want to obtain the necessary skills to help you, we welcome you to join TAOS Diamond Class! Let our professional team accompany you on a crucial journey of learning in life, and assist you in creating new milestones of happiness and joy!

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