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Connecting with the Strength of Our Ancestral Lines

Connecting with the strength of both our paternal and maternal ancestral lines is significant. When a man connects with his paternal strength, he becomes a true man, naturally attracting the opposite sex. Similarly, when a woman connects with her maternal strength, she becomes a more charming and mature woman. "Opposites attract" is a natural force, much like the attraction between positive and negative poles. When a man is disconnected from his paternal lineage, his ability to maintain long-term relationships is weakened. He is like a small magnet with a limited attraction to partners seeking lasting connections. However, when he connects with the strength of his male ancestors, he becomes more of a man and more confident. His future partner will immediately perceive him as more mature and attractive, and will be more willing to let him get closer. For a man to transition from boyhood to manhood and gain a woman's respect and trust, it is essential that he respects his father and connects with the strength of his male ancestors. This respect allows him to value women more deeply, which, in turn, makes him more respected and trusted by women, paving the way for lasting relationships. Similarly, a girl transforms into a woman by respecting her mother and connecting with the strength of her female ancestors. This connection makes her more trustworthy and attracts men who seek genuine, long-term relationships. Thus, while a "boy" or "girl" may have many short-term relationships, they will find it challenging to establish stable, long-term partnerships unless they mature into a "man" or "woman." When a boy connects with the strength of the men in his family, he is no longer just an individual boy; he is supported by the power of a lineage of men, like a long chain of magnets. This natural attraction is a force given to both men and women by life. By linking to the source of life, one experiences a profound sense of stability and readiness to enter a lasting relationship, fully prepared to serve life's greater purpose together.

Extracted from “Love and Reconciliation” by Chou Ting Wen

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