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About "Position" in Relationships

In our interpersonal relationships, the concept of position holds significant importance. When we find ourselves in close proximity to many people, our position becomes meaningful. Conflicts arise when someone occupies our position. How do we communicate, accept, and give in such situations? When someone takes our position and refuses to let go, or demands a bigger position, we feel compelled to reclaim or exchange positions. This often leads to competition, creating tension in the relationship between the individuals. Ultimately, competition is about securing a better position, as only those in better positions can thrive and survive. In reality, though we may hesitate to admit it, the struggle for position is a matter of survival. We must defend our place, consciously protect it, and safeguard all these aspects while contending with others who hold more significant positions.  Everything in existence strives to continuously expand its territory and achieve success. Living with many people requires maintaining a secure, well-defended position. Beyond personal survival, this struggle involves the lives and survival of many people, contributing to a prosperous and successful life.

Extracted from “Success in Life” by Bert Hellinger

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