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4 Significant Impacts of Systemic Constellation

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

The application of systemic constellation to the following scenarios has achieved good results:

(1) Personal Relationships: Building harmonious parent-child relationships, happy marital relationships, parent-child relationships, work and interpersonal relationships, etc.

(2) Physical and Mental Development: Helping us develop effective management of our emotions, integrating physical and mental health, awakening inner awareness, and making our family's vitality a source of support in our work and personal lives.

(3) Career and Wealth Management: Exploring the connection that we have with money and wealth, redefining career planning, aiding in personal career development, business management, etc.

(4) Businesses and Organizations: Supporting businesses in establishing more successful business development plans, exploring the deep dynamics of the organization, seeking solutions to problems, assisting in major decision-making and post-execution checks, personnel adjustments and management, etc.

As each person’s internal makeup is different, the problems we face are also different. An individual's inner self creates their external reality. Systemic constellation not only helps a person resolve problems, but more importantly, it helps with a person’s inner growth and transformation. Only when a person's inner transformation occurs, can they face previous problems with higher wisdom and energy.

Therefore, the 4 Significant Impacts of Systemic Constellation are as follows:

(1) Systemic Constellation supports individuals to face issues or challenges, see how their life patterns operate, recognize their blind spots, and ultimately transform their destiny.

(2) Systemic Constellation supports each individual’s inner growth, helps to awaken their inner power and transform their life towards happiness and success.

(3) Systemic Constellation supports individuals to become aware of the hidden dynamics of their family system, and transform the forces behind the family into supportive and blessing forces.

(4) Systemic Constellation supports individuals to understand the meaning of life, elevate their character, make contributions to establish a harmonious society, and to serve humanity for peace.

Extracted from “ Family Constellation: Core Principles and Training Practices”

Author: Chou, Ting Wen


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