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Teacher Jan Jacob Stam

  • Born in 1954, from the Netherlands. Since 1996, he has been fully dedicated to the promotion and research of organizational system arrangement. He was originally a biological researcher, a middle school teacher, a manager of Dutch Telcom, a partner of a consulting firm, the former founder of Hellinger Agency in the Netherlands, the founder of a publishing house, and the co-founder of TeamConnect. Teacher Yang Jacob is also a strategic consultant for European companies, government agencies, and hospital organizations. He loves life and is warm and friendly. His wise words are very inspiring. Listening to the teacher's courses is fascinating and enlightening. So far, the courses have been promoted to more than 30 countries around the world, and the training courses are systematically arranged together with excellent coaches from various countries.

  • professional experience

  1. Family Phylographer

  2. One of the important contributors to the current Systemic Approch work.

  3. Books: "System Leadership", "System Coaching", "Wings of Change - Systematic Organizational Development" and "Cross-Boundary Connections - The Practice of Organizational System Work"

Opleiding Potentieel in teams

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