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Oberon (Little Fairy) #086

Oberon (Little Fairy) #086

bottle name: Oberon (little fairy)

Number: #086


color: Transparent/blue-green

when mixed together: light blue green


energy center: Fourth and fourth and one-half energy centers (heart chakra)


theme: Bringing clarity into matters of the heart


positive personality: Is a creative person with a strong connection to the distant past. Communicate this wisdom with precision and flow (eg, through writing, speech, artistic expression, etc.). Has a strong connection to the subconscious mind and can handle everything from that area very well - dreams for example. Want to use your creativity to alleviate the suffering in the world. It is a good mirror for others and has the ability to teach at the same time.


Aspects that can be improved: Difficulty standing up for one's rights or claims. Willingness to communicate, but unable to change or make people understand. Life is very unsatisfactory, so the psychic ability is turned off. Unsheltered tears hinder creativity, communication, and emotional release.


spiritual level: Enables you to understand ancient wisdom. Help users to explain their own spiritual values and truths.


psychological level: Help computer workers stay creative and get answers to their questions. It also helps you focus more. Make you aware that in addition to communicating with computers, you also need to communicate with people (especially for children). This bottle helps children stay in touch with their emotions, foster friendships, and enjoy "old form" play that is common to children.


emotional level: Help you connect with your emotions. Let the backlog of tears flow, so that there will be no depression. Instead of feeling exhausted after the tears are shed, your heart is open and your emotions are balanced.


Application area: For psychological problems, apply along the hairline; otherwise, apply around the entire chest.


convinced: I open myself so that creativity can express itself through me.

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