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Artemis (Moon Goddess) #080

Artemis (Moon Goddess) #080

bottle name: Artemis (Goddess of the Moon)

Number: #080


color:Red pink

when mixed together:red


energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)

theme: awaken the power of love

positive personality: is an energetic person who knows how much energy, strength, strength and courage he has. He is very successful at work and uses his intuition at work. Material life is handled well. Able to awaken very quickly spiritually and experience the consciousness of Christ directly. Able to share love and warmth with others. Creative, artistic and musically gifted; also dependable and responsible. Being able to bring your vision to life and realize it.

Aspects that can be improved: With anger related to the feminine side, possibly stemming from a bad relationship with the mother. Have sexual problems that you haven't discovered yet, so you can't solve them. There are difficulties in surviving. You can neither trust life nor others and yourself. Believe that you are not loved enough, so you feel angry.


spiritual level: To help you open to love. Shine the light on the difficult facts of life. Help you change attitudes that stem from not loving yourself enough and not being compassionate enough.


psychological level: Support you to overcome survival problems and help you let go of aggression.

emotional level: Release the feeling of separation. Helps after a breakup or divorce; helps you love yourself again. Help couples who are trying to conceive or are pregnant be more responsible and loving.


Application area: Around the entire stomach and abdomen.


convinced: In this very moment, I am free.

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