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Ostrich Bottle #079

Ostrich Bottle #079

bottle name: ostrich bottle

Number: #079


color: Orange/Purple

when mixed together: dark orange


energy center: The second and seventh energy centers (dantian and crown chakra)

theme: spiritual fright


positive personality: Is a very happy person, get a deep insight and can use it to serve people. Everything will be resolved with action and not just passive reaction. Search for spiritual truth. Effectively help those in need. A balance between spirituality and emotion has been found. He is very devoted to his work and enjoys its fruits, even when it is difficult or costly.


Aspects that can be improved: The person's emotions are controlled by his thoughts. Unwilling to surrender, just wanting to run away (like an ostrich). With old heartache inside. It is quite possible to have experienced disappointment with a spiritual teacher. In deep shock, feeling the loss of someone who meant a lot to him.


spiritual level: To release spiritual shocks so that you can learn from them and integrate them for enhanced inner growth.


psychological level: Helps you release old patterns and realize your potential.


emotional level: Treatment of dependence and codependency problems in relationships. Promotes self-independence and self-love.


Application area: Along the edges of the hair, around the stomach and abdomen.


convinced: I gladly accept all kinds of challenges in life.

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