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Scary Vial/Rescue Specter #026

Scary Vial/Rescue Specter #026

color: Orange/Orange

when mixed together: Orange

energy center: The second energy center (dantian)


theme: Fright and various consequences (including all levels) caused by fright

positive personality: A very independent person, creative, has a deep, intuitive intelligence, learns by teaching others, is smart, and careful, doesn't overdo things, takes the initiative in everything rather than being reactive , to be able to feel deep joy. love animals. Sexually fulfilled in a loving and harmonious way.


Aspects that can be improved: May have been sexually abused, but may have been abused in other ways as well. There have been emotional storms. React in extreme ways to people or things. Can't calm down, busy with no direction. Hasty, irrational decisions can be made.


spiritual level: To help the user recover from the disappointment caused by spiritual deception, which will put the soul into a state of fright. will give you deeper insights.


psychological level: Relieve the psychological low tide and unknown fear. Helps establish mental and spiritual direction. Bring the user to the here and now. Can be used in all kinds of frightened situations.


emotional level: Disarms personal hateful thoughts and the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that may result from hatred. It can be used to support your heart in times of upheaval in life.


Application area: This is the only balancing oil that needs to be applied in a very specific way on the entire belly, but can also be used in a narrow strip from the left earlobe to the left shoulder, from top to bottom. Then run a wide strip down the left arm, across the carcass on the left side, and down to the ankle.


convinced: The only constant in life is change.

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