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Candlelight in the wind #084

Candlelight in the wind #084

bottle name: candlelight in the wind

Number: #084


color: Pink/Red

when mixed together:red


energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)


theme: Awaken the power of true love


positive personality: A person who is ready to sacrifice himself for others. Has a dynamic and "fact-based" intuition and can apply it, for example, to markets. He is very compassionate to people and full of endless energy. Connected with the Christ-like consciousness that fills him within and reveals it through the feminine side. Likes to take care of others and has the strength to do so. Quite awake and able to live and work for a greater purpose. There is a deep concentration inside, and because of this concentration, he has the charisma to move others.


Aspects that can be improved: Feels like I don't get the love I need, mainly in relation to typical female roles, and therefore harbors hatred for women. It is likely that the person was disappointed in the first love relationship. With a lot of repressed anger.


spiritual level: Make you more empathetic to yourself and others, and be able to express and use this heart. Awaken your deep intuition. Helping you connect with Christ energy and meet sacrificial love.


psychological level: Help you perceive yourself more clearly. Inspires feminine, creative energy.


emotional level: Promotes self-love and self-acceptance. Let go of resentment and disappointment, especially when they stem from frustration with love.


Application area: Around the entire stomach and abdomen.convinced: I say goodbye to the past and open myself to love.

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