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head on the ground #065

head on the ground #065

bottle name: head on top of the sky and feet on the ground

Product number: 0065


color:purple red

when mixed together: Fuchsia

energy center: 1st and 7th Energy Centers (Mahadha and Crown Chakras)


theme: same name as the bottle


positive personality: Interested in mental, emotional, and physical transformation. There is a connection with the "inner child". One's "head is in the sky, feet are on the ground". Know where you are and know where you are going. Dreams come true, because he knows what to do to make dreams come true. Very aggressive, positive and enthusiastic. Loves freedom, has high morale (positive) and strength. Strong and capable of awakening oneself and others. Has superhuman insight. There is no question of the physical plane.


Aspects that can be improved: Being trapped by complexes such as anger, rage, and resentment. Too much brooding to deal with the material plane. Hanging on to frustration can cause mental and physical problems. Feeling more important than you really are.


spiritual level: Bring spirituality to the level of reality. Helps you stay grounded while also leading you to higher levels. Unleash the energy that you have been called to serve the community. Support someone who is feeling drained from overwhelmed responsibilities.


psychological level: Inspires a sense of accomplishment, productivity, and energy renewal. Improve self-image. Enables you to have clear thoughts; helps mental energy to work when the mind is too "full".


emotional level: Helps process anger and transform it into constructive energy. Helps you keep your distance so that passive reactions can be transformed into actions.


Application area: Around the stomach and abdomen and along the hair edges.


convinced: I know where I am now, and I know where I'm going.

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