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Follow the flow #075

Follow the flow #075

bottle name: go with the flow

Number: #075


color: Fuchsia/blue-green

when mixed together: deep purple


energy center: Can be used on the whole body, especially effective on the part above the chest

theme: same name as the bottle


positive personality: Have a thorough view of things and pass this view on to others. Have good creativity and the ability to observe carefully. Have a complete understanding of things. Know that you have to work hard for the important things. Things are going great. Energetic, strong and brave. Support others with love. Interested in and often talked about spirituality and philosophy. Connecting with something so deep inside that only a few of us can. To share this wisdom with others.


Aspects that can be improved: Always ask, "Why me? Why did this happen to me?" Feeling like a victim. Want to get out of your life but don't know how to change it. would touch a heightened sense of desperation, like van Gogh cutting off one of his ears. It's easy to see the pain and the negative instead of focusing on the opportunities for growth. There is a lot of anger and resentment inside, which masks the love that is present.


spiritual level: Helps you bring out your best talents and overcome illusions. accept fate. Clear the way to recognize what the spiritual side really wants to do for you, and make it happen.


psychological level: Helps you feel less victimized. Bring subliminal messages to consciousness. Appease reason and bring emotion to the surface.


emotional level: Connect awareness with anger and resentment; support you in dealing with love issues, or work on it. Help you talk about your emotions.


Application area: Every part of the body.


convinced: I decided to look at love anew.


unique quality: This bottle helps you release those energies that have built up but become stuck. Enables you to "go with the flow" again.

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