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Crown Rescue Bottle #078

Crown Rescue Bottle #078

bottle name: Top Chakra Rescue Bottle

Number: #078


color: Purple/deep purple

when mixed together: deep purple


energy center: The seventh energy center (crown chakra)


theme: A mighty power from heaven came down to earth to help mankind


positive personality: A truly well-informed person who recognizes and accepts the purpose and mission of life. Know His divinity deeply and accept it. Body, mind and soul are in a state of oneness. Always be at the right time and place. Find your true colors and live yourself. Knowing the sanctity of life and life itself is a great teacher, especially in matters related to the heart. Having a strong will and yet being humble is a gift from heaven to this man.


Aspects that can be improved: There is a deep sadness within that needs to be released. It's hard to see the dark side of your personality. He often sheds tears when there is nothing to do, thinking that fate is unfair to him. There have been big losses and big gains in life. It feels worldly and thus lacks freshness. Prejudice and dissatisfaction characterize him. The spiritual life is completely overshadowed by the things of the material world.


spiritual level: Help you understand the law of cause and effect. Allows you to focus on meditation and prayer. To help souls understand that the deepest fulfillment can only be found through service. Open the third eye.


psychological level: To help you connect with ancient wisdom, while translating it into modern language and applying it in real life. Helps you understand how the unconscious sets your conditioning. Use this bottle to awaken awareness and help you let go of unnecessary patterns.


emotional level: Help you bring joy back after a sad day. Support you to work hard on the "inner child". Addresses hypersensitivity to sad situations and facilitates smooth transitions of all kinds (death, birth, trauma, job loss, etc.).


Application area: Along the hair edge, also can be applied to the neck and throat, third eye, and the spine of the head.


convinced: I invite spirituality into all areas of my life.


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