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Loud Bell #069

Loud Bell #069

bottle name: loud bell

Product number: 0069


color: Fuchsia/transparent

when mixed together: Lavender

energy center: All energy centers, including the "eighth energy center"


theme:the power of love


positive personality: Is a successful person, when working creatively makes him happy. The purpose of life has been found, and life is understood. Live passionately in a constructive and healthy manner. Having achieved material achievement and emotional satisfaction, they often start a family and feel content. Ability to pass on what you have learned to others. Care about the well-being of those around you. Caring for peace. Often with money to support programs like Amnesty International.


Aspects that can be improved: I think I don't need to study more. There are many extreme personality traits. Do not believe that you have received the love you need, so there is a lot of depression inside. Intense pursuit of success. Unable to take a step back and view your situation with a moderate attitude.


spiritual level: Encourages you to follow a norm, especially if the ideal behind it seems meaningful. Help you break through. Connect you with the consciousness of the universe. Enhance your perception of beauty in the physical plane.


psychological level: It helps you stay calm when too much is happening in your life. Rebuild your self-image after a breakdown.


emotional level: Helps you fill the feeling of emptiness after expressing too much enthusiasm. Let the pent-up tears flow. After shedding tears, instead of feeling exhausted, you will feel refreshed.


Application area: Everywhere on the body (is a good skin care oil).


convinced: Between the poles, I found the balance of my life.

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